New Move

I have finished my 2nd full week of teaching at the college level. This has given me all the more motivation to move toward getting my PhD. [Now I just need the money.] There is something extremely rewarding in sitting in a room with people who come motivated to learn and give all they can. I missed my calling. And for some reason its not quite time to make a new move. But I’m certain that one day it will happen.

What was a general appreciation for education due to my parents background as a Teacher and Principal, has become much more specific. Professors drag all their circumstances into the classroom and unpack all they can for the students benefit, so that hopefully what they learn they will unpack for others also.

I almost missed my calling. Engineering has been a great lesson about how much I am incapable of, but perseverance yeilds the reward of a better relationship with the Father. But now its time to build on another type of structure. One with a foundation laid long ago and the chief stone by one who was rejected.

One thought on “New Move

  1. Congrats to You DSheff!!! God is blessing you. Just hang on in there one day at a time. All will work out for the best. Again, congrats, congrats congrats!!!

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