Happy vs. Joy

A Hold To Truth follower has proposed the question of what is the difference between happiness and joy….I have an answer but I’m not very happy about it, so I’ll hold my answers for now. The first person who submits a solid answer and forwards this entry link to one other person gets a gift certificate to Mardel’s. So just in case you are a bullet point learner. IF YOU LIKE FREE GIFT CERTIFICATES:

1. What is the difference between joy and  happiness?

2. Submit your answer to the website by commenting below. Leave your email address so I can get in touch with you.

3. Send a link to THIS blog entry to a friend who is not a hold to truth member and encourage them to follow the website.

The First person and the Fifthwins a $15 gift certificate to either Mardel’s or Lifeway bookstore (your choice.) ( Hopefully the rib of Hold to Truth clears the budget restraints for it.)

In the meantime I’m going to go read Philippians and figure this joy thing out….

Upcoming article:

-Looks like a templated email, but another response regarding atheism was posted yesterday. I will post my response soon.

5 thoughts on “Happy vs. Joy

  1. The difference: Happiness, “Your desires are satisfied, strength renewed”, Psalms 103:5. Joy: “Joy replaces sorrow” Psalms 30:11-12.
    Thats the difference!!!

  2. This morning (10/06/11), on Good Morning America, Kirk Cameron appeared with the rest of his ‘80s sitcom family titled Growing Pains. Kirk was questioned about his decision to leave the success he was experiencing and not pursue what, by all indication, would have been a lucrative acting career. His response indicated he did not view himself as leaving something, rather he viewed it as going toward something. You see, Kirk Cameron had come to know Christ. It is clear he no longer needed outside stimuli and worldly success to make him happy. He had gained joy. He did not need to depend on temporary happiness, he found eternal joy through his faith in God.

    Hab. 3:18 (NET) reads; “I will rejoice because of the Lord; I will be happy because of God who delivers me.” Habakkuk found joy that caused him to rejoice because he knew the Lord God who delivered him. Aren’t you happy and blessed you met God and rejoice in the joy of knowing you are delivered forever and ever.

    Paul, in Philippians 1:12-19, spoke of his rejoicing while in prison. His joy, his faith, his love of the Lord, allowed him to boldly proclaim the gospel. Even in prison, faced with horrible conditions and opposition, he was able to rejoice. He was happy and glad to withstand his persecution However, what produced the rejoicing was his joy and his confidence in the Lord which exceeds happiness and is a direct reflection of our faith.

    As Nehemiah proclaimed in Neh. 8:10; “the joy of the Lord is my strength.” Joy strengthens you for the good fight. Joy sustains you when you grow weary. Happiness is dependent on outside devices and factors. True joy comes from within.

    Just as Jesus is and always will be Lord, true joy lasts eternally. Happiness itself can be fleeting. Pursue true joy, pursue the joy of the Lord.

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