The Sunrise is Still There


This morning I had the privilege of beginning the 99Things… journey with some local KC brothas. The intent: Watch the Sunrise. It was partly cloudy. I think that this is where the beauty of the moment began for me.

We tend to notice things when they are in front of your face but only for the purpose of ignoring them. The shades made for some brilliant violet hues and glimmers of light through some of the openings in the clouds. I noticed a few of us were trying to figure out exactly where the sun was on the horizon.

Creation even in our fallen state breeds content when we wait long enough to notice it.

I believe that in this brief moment in the cold provided a break in the monotony of life and if for just a moment we saw the sun rising and perhaps….for some of those present the Son rising also. There are layers of God’s presence. The brothers present is one example.

In the foreground is a building being erected, a new extremely large police station. A facility that brought two reminders for me. One the residual continual reminder that my engineering work has not yet been completed, ministry in the ‘formal’ sense is not yet. And two we are a contradiction to what is sometimes perceived of young males, especially young black males today. Instead of rising in a cell to the sterile smell of the indoors and perhaps a small window opening to the light from the outside. We were resolved that it would be good to arise at 6 in the morning to gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings.

The sun has risen, and while we could not see it in the strictest sense the evidence permeates through the clouds. Sounds like another Son I know….

3 thoughts on “The Sunrise is Still There

  1. This outing was comprised of two things I try to avoid: the morning and outside. However, it was really a blessing to fellowship with the brothas and marvel at God’s majesty.

    Thanks for setting it up.

  2. I enjoyed sharing time with Godly men in this moment because it’s not common that i slow down in life and think about God like this around others, especially brothers in Christ. I appreciated that blessing. Another time I was able to draw closer to the church family.

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