ANnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd we’re back…

I admit there was a bit of taking advantage of my employment to drop entries of truth on this blog. Then someone decided that productivity was directly to some websites namely any blogs. Blog in the title…BANNED. Looks like a blog…BANNED. Anything with flash, videos, or bright colors….banned. I wanted to put them on the heretic list and protest but we get Good Friday off every year so I’m not sure what to do with them. What has happened was to date I had decided to protest…

Or maybe it was more the fact that I can not get a good moment to think or write anything at home. The sequel, the Talordactyl, 2 dogs and my lovely wife don’t leave much time to pontificate about the eternal blessings of spam and spinach and why greek is the most awesome language in the world (second would be latin.)

Most likely it would be that I did an upgrade on my laptop and couldn’t see anything when I opened explorer. So even if I did type something up I had nothing to upload it to. Well we are back online now and prepared to delve back into…everything. Well just about everything.

Not today though I need to go route the Jayhawks on.

But until the next entry consider this: All God’s blessings received are double blessings if you recognize Him who bestows them. Presents or Presence


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