Pause for Identification

The last 6 (8,…10) months have created a bit of a writers block. But not for lack of inspiration rather exactly the opposite. Kids growing up which create run-ins with reality and the fact I have no control in this world. No control and the subsequent shaking of my fist only to realize the need to repend because I have no control in this world. Incredible doors open for opportunities that in no way had I really conceived would happen in a world I have no control in. I think it has been lesson after lesson of learning the balance of my repsonsibility and the reality of my lack of control in the manner. New friends mixed with a strange new type of lonliness. And all that covered by a longing for His return. Its been a long strang few months and I’m fairly sure I’m not ready to talk about it because I haven’t wrapped my heart around it yet…but then again nobody has really asked. So i’m good for a moment…I supposed.

In the meantime I think I’m going to try to intentionally seek out some simple moments of solitude…

Perhaps that the point. Solitude reminds us who we are. And I tend to think you know who you are if you know who you belong to.

One thought on “Pause for Identification

  1. in that solitude, make an effort to really fully emerge yourself in God’s presence. Sometimes we seek Him with the attitude of the mind and not the heart. That’s where it starts in the heart! opening up that vessel that pumps the blood thru our veins and allowing the Holy Spirit to just float around as He pleases, seeking and repairing the damage done daily that keeps us tied more to the world than to Him. You feel the exchange as He infuses you with a new “blood” kindred to a transfusion. I thought at one time a “lifted spirit” was a;; about me, but as I continue this journey I am more and more realizing that “lifted Spirit” is all Holy and my moments of solitude simply a way of lifting the Holy Spirit back to the folcal point of my heart instead of burying it in the depths of my daily trials. Sis Wanda A.

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