Gospel Definitions

Tonight a small group will commence at Denny’s… (Only Jesus could bring the Gospel into Denny’s right?) A group of brothers from respective churches will come together for the purpose of defining the greatest thing our lives have touched. Its strange how often other good news takes the place of the One that secures every future purpose for eternity.

There is something to naming the things that matter to you. I have two children (four really if you count the other two who have found their way into my heart. They were actually my first favorites. I digress…) and I don’t recall a time when they did not have name. Matter of fact I had their names year before they were born (and the name of next boy for that matter if we end up adopting.) My point is you name and define the things that matter. It would seem odd at best to us if we knew someone who had a child and had no name for him or her. Why is that?

In the same manner there is something to be said about defining that name. Unpacking its meaning. Devoting time to its value, its meaning, its implications. DeLano II (he’s a second not a Jr.) at a month meant ‘he’s a boy who looks like me but i don’t think I ever had a diaper that looked like that.’ At 6 months DeLano II meant ‘he’s a joker.’ I yell “get a job!” and he laughs like a grown man. At 3 years it was different. At 6 i see why DeLano II is similar. I find we’re having grown man conversations in a similar fashion of ones I recall with my father and mother at his age. It would be ok to simply say the definition of DeLano II is ‘the son of DeLano I’ but that would be missing a lot of value. T, Domi, DeLano II, and TES II are words with meaning. Life changing words with lasting impressions on my life.

With all their value their impressions are not nearly as life changing as the Gospel. If words like IRS, Tax Season, Pay Day, and Benefits Package get our attention at least a few times a year because their definitions have means and their value has implications, can we not see the value in reflecting on the Gospel also?

The gospel is worthy of reflection. Its the only pond where the water is holds changes you just by gazing into it.

That’s the plan for tonight. But if that doesn’t work I’m sure we’ll all look at the menu a few times for value. Like the Denny’s Menu has changed…. [do they serve spam?]


2 thoughts on “Gospel Definitions

  1. Is this event at Denny’s something I can attend? (I don’t feel this is appropriate to ask under many circumstances to ask, but I would like to take the opportunity to fellowship with you).

    • Come all. Appetizers provided. Material provided. 7:30pm tonight at the dennys on 350 highway. Brothers only age 12 to 100. Its three Thursdays long and their is a little thing that all involved will do that will contribute to something I’m making to pass on. Call me

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