Searching for Some Words

Every time I attempt to write something I keep holding the delete button down. Too much going on at once and I cannot put words on any of it because there is just to many things occurring at once. College friend’s suicide, incredible open door for my son, family concerns, ministry opportunities, ministry struggles, life as a follower of Christ misunderstandings. Many layers.

What do you do when you care and know there are things that must be done but the ‘how’ attempts to create complications?

I suppose there some benefit in recognizing the blessing that a converted life cares about others as much as ones own’s circumstances. An old prof used to say “do the hard work” and I see his point in that standing on what you believe is is not necessarily a smooth ride. The hard work usually revamps life plans. But the good thing is the hard work usually blesses generations and not just individuals.

I think since the first close friend lost 20 years ago has given me a strange sense of attention (awareness, focus) on the fact that time is moving swiftly. What the implications of it are I’m still filtering through those.

…like I said. I’m searching for some words.



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