The One Fix (part 3)


“Having Jesus come into your heart, in that sense, would mean that He fuses Himself into the deepest part of who you are- that you rest your hopes upon His righteousness, lean on Him for strength, and submit to His Lordship at your core.”

I find it difficult to believe that if someone believes this to be true on some level could simultaneous believe that you could save yourself. Do you know where your inner core is to save? And I’m not talking about some Insanity workout core. Are you able to sit part of you in a seat and some other part of you somewhere else? I think Graeer has made a significant acknowledgement about conversion in the quote above and what he says following (see here for part one) the quote. Semantics are not necessarily convictions. And you cannot separate yourself.

I think he has some reservations about the “deepest of who you are” concept of union with Christ because of the need for repentance. But I think that it is this approach that gets us closer to real repentance. If I have a language problem (which I had) or a idol issue (apparently for ipad is my latest issue) I may be inclined to turn from that when Jesus approaches that empty well. But I won’t get to the “He told me everything I had ever done” unless He is everywhere in everything about me. Unless He infused into the very fabric of all my nonsense. Unless He is in the sin production factory and not just taking the corner boys running my daily sin corner. I run the danger of making Him Lord over (fill in the blank.) When He infiltrates the very essence of who you are you find that ‘repentance’ is not just “i’m sorry for that and I’m sorry for this.” But more so I am sorry for who I am. I am wrong, not just my attitude or my mouth.

If God were limited then it would be necessary for him to save or deliver us from each individual presumptuous sin, illicit thought, selfish idea, and arrogant behavior…over and over again. But if the one fix is sufficient for all of that. Well now that means we have got something. But it must mean that the fix went deeper than the stuff you notice. And that means the repentance must be deeper too. In my infancy stages I found myself turning from things I saw about myself I did not like. Then I wished that I could turn from stuff that seems to keep running around to face me. Now I find myself not just turning from the stuff, but more than anything turning from me altogether. There is no part of me that Jesus did not have to save. And the One fix is the one Gospel…no addendum’s, additions, or footnotes.

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