10 Down. A Letter to Tes on the next 40 years

Dear Tes,

10 years under out feet and many letters later here come another one your way. I thought that pledging my love before the thousands (14) of followers and millions (average 10) readers on the website would be emphatic. At the very least you can reread it as much as you want provided you have a good internet connection and google or Microsoft do not get rid of the internet.

It would be nice to say things have been perfect or a breeze or every morning has been a drop of golden sunshine in our smiles each morning but this is not TV. And we have a boxer and pug….we’ve walked into a few surprises that sour a few mornings alone. What has been imperfect has been so for one reason. I’d like to believe that we are both getting the point: two people becoming one means change is going to happen.

With that at ten I say thank you:

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your husband and learning how to love you. And also for giving the benefit of the doubt to allow me time to learn to know you in order to know how to love you.

Thank you for affirming me beyond my frailties; letting me know my life has value in your life.

Thank you for your patience, your quiet demeanor, and random ridiculous statements followed by more quiet demeanor.

I pray the next set of ten unfolds….well I just really expect to see us together on a different level…and less dog surprises.

See you soon.


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