Kingdom Labor (Contest Giveaway)

I’m developing some small group material on committed labor in the body of Christ. I find that good baptist folk talk about the ‘work’…I don’t recall what my early Methodist folk called it. I have heard very little discussion about this work with reference to the kingdom that we are a part of. It seems to me that ‘work’ is almost understood as a ‘project.’

“We’ve got a great work to do!” See there you were thinking some project that needs a committee and a chair.

I need your input. Hold To Truth is looking for good input on the work with respect to the kingdom we’re now citizens in. It were are citizens in Christ’s kingdom what is that labor? What does it look like? I think my general presupposition is if this kingdom is our real citizenship then this is your life, not merely something you tag on to your life. Clearly then there are some Gospel implications in that labor also.

Submit your input or book suggestions or depth of thought on anything that would be helpful about doing the work and hold to truth will give a $25 gift card to Lifeway or Amazon to the selected winner. Submit your comment and email contact below.


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