The Cost: Count it.

My church Macedonia Baptist has created a stir with this book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer entitled The Cost of Discipleship. Its a personal joy in the fact that I get to read this book again and finish it with others. I’m a particular fan of His book entitled Life Together and really anything else by Bonhoeffer but the Cost is a good thought about the essence of following a living Jesus, a life of denial, and wake-up call to what it means to receive grace and its implications.

That being said as a few books were handed out a people were immediately alerting us to the fact that they will have questions. I love good gospel music and Sunday worship but when the church talks about what it means to walk in denial toward the savior it makes me shout. When we talk about Jesus we learn about Him and one another. And our disagreements (and agreements) help us learn commandments we are obligated to adhere to like: love one another, sing songs and hymns to one another, bear one another burdens.

I thought it may be useful to include a place where you may find some useful thoughts and questions about Bonhoeffer and His book, about Discipleship, some miscellaneous ranting about my own frailties and anything else that may be helpful as you read the book. I am hopeful that I may be able to get our Pastor write a few words also. In the interim I will offer you a few suggestions:

1. Don’t read anything alone.: Give a copy to someone you love and encourage them to read it with you. Or if you do not have someone in that arena give someone a copy God is leading you to get closer to and meet with them regularly and discuss portions of the book.

2. Come to the site ask your pastor questions but also talk to others in the church who are reading the book. Come to the site or talk to Pastor Brooks or me about who else is reading it. We are united because we have the same Father.

3. Read small portions at a time. Chew Chew chew. Bonhoeffer is an intense writer. Writers are disciplined thinkers and I believe readers must do the same thing. When I see a word that is new or I cannot readily define I write the word in the front of the book and go look up the words. When I see phrases I do not understand I write them down.

These are just a few thoughts to encourage you to finish the book (or any book.) Come back to the site and look for the title The Cost and a subtitle for topics related to the book. AND PLEASE click the reply below and share you thoughts or questions so we can learn from you. Love you!


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