Family Matters


Watching a group of Twenties contemplate what it means to be part of the kingdom. These introductory discussions are encouraging because they pose paradigm shifts. But it is simultaneously tedious because you hope that good seed falls on great fertile soil and time is given to take root.

There are presuppositions we make about what it means to be in the kingdom and who are neighbors are and ESPECIALLY our obligations to them. And then simultaneously make a distinction between those obligations and “getting in the word.” I think Jesus has been fairly clear since He’s been incarnate that everything has to be reevaluated. The poor, meek, hungry ones admit they lack and desire nothing that they really want.

Careful reevaluation of what it means to be a citizen of God’s kingdom and His family have to be reevaluated….and not just on sunday morning or saturday at a conference. It means something at the gas station and the check-out line also. Discipline yourself to be mindful to look at your citizenship.


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