Stress- Your tensions are needed


I am doing some research and have come to a point where the statistics don’t give enough details. Or the hard facts are missing the heart of the issues. So I’m reaching out to the community. And I hope you will help me out by responding it will help me develop some material I am working on. Its a rather simple question:

What stresses you out? What are your frustrations?

But to add some color to the question I’m not talking about forefront “that person at the gym who keeps asking me questions at 5 in the morning” or “that coworker who keeps talking when they really ran out of stuff to say two presidential elections ago.” Or even the dog who keeps eating your greek books… [I think I just got personal. Pray. Because their is a boxer who is trying to get back to the first century and its costing me money.]

I’m referring to the autumn of the day type questions. My mother taught me that there is an autumn of the day when the colors change and the sounds of business dull and there is a painful reminder that winter is coming and there is no time for futile conversations and attention on less important priorities. Its when the “like” button will not suffice. When the real questions rise to the top. I’m referring to those questions behind the questions. The real questions that go unasked. The ones you wake up in the middle of night disguised in the form of insomnia or the dog asking to go to the bathroom. Its the things that keep you at a job you clearly had a way to leave years before. Its the “i don’t want to talk about it” that you really would like to but can’t find someone close enough to listen but distant enough you do not have to bring it up with again.

Perhaps stress is not the word I intend because that word tends to lean negative in our definition. Perhaps tension. Or pressure….”issues?” Nope those are much better. Perhaps you can help with that too. Whats the word I’m looking for?

Whats your stress? Whats the question lingering in the back of your head you’re not ready to answer?

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10 thoughts on “Stress- Your tensions are needed

  1. Why is it that I have been afraid to trust GOD? Is my lack of trust the reason that I have neglected my gifts and talents? Do I neglect these gifts and talents because I know that there is much work to do and I don’t really want that responsibility? Is this why I feel despondent on a daily basis-knowing I’m living a fruitless life? Is this why I’m fixated on what I don’t have versus being grateful for what I do have? Is my lack of trust directly related to my lack of faith?

    • I’ve begun to Really confess to GOD in a way that I never have before. I have finally come in agreement with HIM regarding my walk. I’ve stopped running from some things that he’s placed on my heart to do even though I’m petrified and feel ill equipped. By doing this I’m learning to exercise faith and putting my trust in GOD to prepare me to do what he’s called me to do. I’m learning that trust and faith is like a muscle, the more I exercise it the stronger I become. But I have to say daily, “Lord, I trust you. Use me how you see fit. I won’t be afraid.” Your word is the lamp unto my feet, a light unto my pathway. Guide me. And then!!! I allow him to work. This has been quite hard to do-letting go of my own will and being scared and wanting to be comfortable (the reality is I’ve never been comfortable hence my discontent with life). I’m learning to allow GOD to be in control of EVERYTHING in my life.

  2. The one question that stays in my mind is, “Is going back to school to finish my degree after all these years an act of complete selfishness?” I did not have God’s kingdom in mind when registering for classes. To be honest, my primary focus has always been to bring in a decent income from a career that I actually enjoy. I’m not sure if this stresses me but I often think if this is really what I’m suppose to be doing. The obvious stress for me is hitting financial snags every now and then for tuition and not being able to take more classes. I know that sound backwards for a believer but it’s true.

  3. A question that stresses me is, What will it take to get serious about God and what He wants me to do? I know what I need to do but I am lacking in the follow through. I don’t know if its fear or disobedience. Another question would be how much longer will I make money a priority over God? Smh This is definitely one of those “I don’t want to talk about it ” subjects

  4. I think I’ve been lucky enough to experience the moment where I realized nothing is in my control and my only choice was to submit to God. A moment if total desperation because I had nothing else to hold on to. So since then, the only thing i wonder is if I’m in the right place doing what I’m supposed to be doing because it’s so different than where I’ve ever been. How about that job that I stayed at because it provided the lifestyle I was comfortable in?!! Now, after taking the opportunity to leave, I have handed out countless denials to job offers because while it sounds good, it doesn’t feel right and I trust myself to honor those feelings. So, the things that”stress” me really lead me to have a moment in the still place where I ponder what I’m doing and trust myself to keep going where “that voice” tells me to go. It’s always scary, it always seems crazy-it always feels right.
    The other thing? Praying I’ve equipped my son with the knowledge that he controls nothing and can only trust his own feelings on his own path. I’m just thankful that the things he goes through and the triumphs AND failures he experiences speak to what I’m trying to teach him and I’m just blessed that he’s open to receiving each thing.

    • That is a peaceful place when you can skip “american dream” opportunities because you know there is something else you are supposed to do.

      And I can already see with my six year old my concern that I’m making the right steps to teaching him. I try to explain to him that being an adult is less and less dependent on mom and DSD and more and more dependent on God but Never independent….I just hope I can be consistent with the message.

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