Stress- Part 2- Tie it Down [Your input still Needed]

Tape it Down

Tape it Down

I am told that when I visited my grandparents during the summer in Hot Springs, AR that I had a concern that the house may get taken away during a storm. I may recall these events but I’m not going to say for certain. Apparently this was a major concern for me because my early engineering tendencies led me to grab some rope and run it through a circular path through the house then outside to tie it to the large tree in the front. When asked why I was doing this I explained that I was “tying the house down.”

Talor’s school thought it well to not have any class yet again today, so she gets to be the Discipleship Pastor’s assistant. She must see all my frailties because she decided to make a super girl out of paper. I asked her why she felt the need to tape the crayons down to the paper her response was “because she has to fly”….

We know that out of the mouth of a child will come blessing and praise to their creator. But I think we get another dose of reality and priority from children in their wonder and play. When was the last time you saw a child stressed? Or more importantly how often do you see children remaining stressed. In the child hospital visits and troublesome households I find the even in dire circumstances the wonder of a child provokes an unfettered trust in the moment. A sort of freedom to wonder and imagination. An outworking of a belief of the possibility of nothing being impossible.

They do not linger through the night replaying the days mistakes. Nor do they have an unhealthy view of yesterday’s mishaps. By the first day’s sun the story has been soften by the dew and new grace is freshly awaiting them. When trouble comes, they tie it or tape it down. “It’ll fly daddy….it just needs mores crayons….I love you daddy.”

Your stressers restrain your “I love you daddy.” There is a Father who has tied down, taped down, and blotted out every problem in the lives of His children. And left us to ponder “nothing is impossible with God.” Can a house float away? No. I’m still convinced that the rope tied to the tree will keep it there…and I went to sleep without stress and full of wonder.

In part 1 of this series your input was about the stress beneath the stress you deal with (those questions that wake you up in the middle of the night.) And THANK YOU for the input it helpful. Today I need your help and input again.

When was the last time you were filled with wonder? What fills you with wonder? The lasting joy is for created to long for its Creator. When and what has left you in an awe of God that goes beyond emotions?

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