I fell asleep one day and dreamed that I could write a psalm to God. If my dream is a heresy, perhaps grace is extended to dreams. Maybe I’m admiring the Psalms from a distance. Either way. Its a blog and I’m still going with it. I’m so full and humbled to be His and loved by others I do not know what else to do. I’ve see Him do too much today among others. Its overwhelming.

If I wrote a Psalm for God it would be something like this.

I am ever reminded of the presence of enemies.
Before me is the shadows of uncertainty and gloom of the dark hour.
My head aches and there is no remedy found in Ibuprofen.
In my slumber and rising I am reminded that the opposition is lurking in the corners.
I hear the same chariots coming again and again and again.

While the enemy draws His attack scheme against me.
And I see the axe at the foot of the tree.
I am reminded from within
That the darkest of gloom was planted from within.
The approaching attack is indeed of myself.


You oh God bring to mind that you are never far away.
No do you lurk in corners for Your face is too bright.
My heart bursts with laughter and healing joy.
In the autumn of the day I see you clearly riding on clouds of grace and mercy.

In your presence is the plan for life forever more.
I recognize you sitting in authority.
And all the drab uncertainty washes away revealing your imprint again.
The only one left is your Son.

And so I will praise You as well as You make me able to.
I will sing of Your greatness to the receptive ear.
I will tell others at my own expense:
You are God and need nothing to praise you.


But we will sing of Your goodness.
You pour from our feeble lips praise.
You make us sing to You, we are in awe of your power.
We sing to You what we do not deserve to know about You.

I thank you Lord for your strength is your presence.
I love you because you make me able to love you.
In your presence you establish purpose.
In your love you give us a name.
In your wisdom you knit us together, and we learn to not live without each other.
In your kindness we recognize others.
In your majesty you make our praise matter.

In your wisdom you have built what we could not comprehend to ask for.
Your glory will forever be seen through dirt.
What is a person but clay breathed life?
What is clay if not in the potters hand?
You mend clay back together into one body through Your son.

To you is deserved all majesty and honor and glory and gratitude. You built what no one could. You fix together what will never be taken apart. You mend the ruins. Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever
and ever

we will learn to say “I love you.”


7 thoughts on “I’LL WRITE A PSALM FOR YOU

  1. “Your glory will be forever seen through dirt” That’s a dope line. Coming to the realization that that’s all that we are and he still picked dirt, (the same dirt we wash out of our hair, and sweep/vacuum from our floors, and wipe off our tables, and clean off our cars?) to show his glory and to represent Him *humbled*

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