Definition of Amazing

The definition of something that is amazing  is something that causes great wonder or astonishment. Our fast paced society leaves us missing so many great things right under your nose. I had a few thoughts concerning what is amazing in case you missed it so you can go back and look at it again…or apologize if necessary.

Here is my list of characteristics of amazing:

1. IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE WORDS: When you try to put words to it and you find yourself scrambling through a dictionary only to feel like Webster and Oxford have come up short. That thing is amazing. Spectacular things make you wish you could create new words because the adjectives and nouns do not do it justice.

2. WHEN YOU CAN REMEMBER THE MOMENT YOU RECOGNIZED: That it was something special. We tend to think the first moment is the key moment but like I said above we are too busy to see things clearly. There is a place reserved in time where your heart and mind are coordinated in harmony and you see something more clearly than before. I think about Jesus’ transfiguration before Peter, James, and John. You’d like to think in that single moment they saw Jesus better than before and it had to be in their top moments of remembering that they recognized that He is amazing.

3. WHEN IT CHANGES YOU: Amazing things seem to be amazing because the thing is incredible but what is more amazing is that it seems to change you. And in many cases the amazing thing does not recognize its own amazingness (that can’t be a word….) The Grand Canyon is just dirt. But its dirt that people stare at in awe. Some things are so incredible the only words is the dropping of a jaw. Some people look like they are a jaw that has been dropped for life, forever changed.

4. TEARS: As a child I used to think tears were reserved for terrible things like having to go to bed, skinned knees and when you ran out of peanut butter. But tears are more versatile. Some moments are so amazing, some things occur or paths intersect such an amazing manner it will draw out from your eyes rivers of awe and wonder.

5. ITS AMAZING FOR YOUR OWN: Some things are so great that you’ll cheer it on. People long sense gone have worked their way into infamy because they thought some person or ideal or institution was so beautiful, so amazing and wonderful, so full of awe that they risked their everything for it. For Jesus it was His Father. For Luther it was God’s grace. For Bonhoeffer it was humanity (grace maybe? Truth?) and King is was equality or righteousness. When something fills you with awe and wonder you cannot help but to live for it at least a little bit. And this may be because the wonderful and amazing things that God brings our way remind us to live.

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