I spent some time the other day in a little place called First Watch while I was doing some reading and working on this book project. I usually get some green tea. Or rather when I walk in they know me so they give me green tea. This particular morning I felt like eating. The waitress suggested a “cinabon pancake.” The most insane pancake i’ve every had. Yes. singular is the correct grammar. There was one savory pancake on a plate that was not exceptionally large but every bite was incredible.

Raving about pancakes. Yes. But I believe it is quite worth it. Pancakes are from God. We have our religious difference but I believe we can all maintain this truth. I can’t decide if its the syrup or the batter or some chemical reaction that combines the two into some sort of bionic goodness. Whatever it is pancakes are two incredible to miss out on. Next time you buy some pancakes cut a equilateral triangle out of one slowly chew and thank God for the flavor. And if that doesn’t work think of someone you really care about while you’re eating. It will make the experience worth it.

Now if you will excuse me I’m headed back to First Watch…in the morning.


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