Arrival at Revival-PART 4 Resolute

Neo determinationAs the time approached for him to be taken up to heaven, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem- Luke 9:51

[This is part 4 of a series Arrival of Revival. See here for part 1 and Part 2, and Part 3.]

When things are seen properly there is resolve. Denial is ultimately just stalling at what is inevitable. I am always astonished by people I meet who actually come face to face with adversity or pressured situations. People who have accepted they have a sickness and no cure is coming. People who have accepted they have an addiction. People who know they are on the right job but it is never going to be easy. People who had rough childhoods and have accepted the implications of their adversities. They stare it down like its no longer there any more. They put their spiritual hands up against the attack as if to say “no.” Staring down the adversity is like water to the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz, they crumble and melt under our fluid determination.

I used to have this dream as a child where I’d returned from my godmother’s house and I’d have to walk down the hallway to get to my room. There were a few problems. I had to go, the hallway is dark, and there was this dark shadow of a person standing in my parents room holding a bat. Every time i passed he would hit me and I’d wake up freaked out. I would hear my heartbeat through the pillow which made me even more scared and in my head was a philosophical question: Why can’t we every have recurring dreams of stuff that is enjoyable.

Revival is about resolution. When it comes down to it, when the Spirit gives you a heightened sense of urgency or focus the next question is “What do I need to do about it?” Only the sovereign God is gracious enough to not speak in rhetoric. He does not speak in cliche or clever words that fill our ears with pithy quotes for Face Book. He anticipates results because His presence empowers those results.

At some point in this recurring dream I had to determine that I have to walk past this opposition. I recall in the dream once I determined that the room was the destination everything in between was just that…in between.

We are like Jesus now. Before we hid behind trees, now we expose ourselves by dying on them. Before we killed our brother over offerings, now we die for our brothers and sisters as an offering. We used to run from chariots, now we are led in triumphal process before them. We used to smell like defeat, now the aroma of the gospel flows from us. Before we looked at the problem and tried to go the other way. Now we walk down into it.

Revival is only suffice as to produce proper responses. What good is “we need to…” “I am going to…” “I will…” if we do not actually do our best to supply the predicate of those sentences in life. Not just finish the sentence with mouths but actually live out those sentences. And that is the crux of what revival is about. Revival is about fruitfulness. Revival is about action.

Whatever the course God has laid out for you. Whatever your journey may require. Whatever sacrifice it may take. Go for it. Go do that.

If you are called, answer the call. It you cannot see all the details move in the direction you know you are supposed to be going. Set your face toward the promises, or redemption, or forgiveness, or reconciliation, or announcement of the Gospel, or maintaining friendship, compassion, care or sacrifice, or giving up your possessions, or love.  And whatever your Jerusalem is go there. 

Some of you are closer in proximity where we may be able to help using hands or feet. But regardless of your geographical location we are here at Hold to Truth and we want to help. If we can pray or offer a hand we will do our best to. Please comment or reply below (or email us at if there is some way we can offer support to you as you do things Our Father as asked you to do.

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