Leading: Community of Life

ImageOur church will continue to our more intentional form of community today. A few times a year we break from the normal classroom structure of bible study (and it is a classroom) into groups of people who immediately get to learn how much they have actually learned. Cerebral knowledge only gets you closer to your brain. But the moment the scriptures say “love one another,” the only way to determine the extent of your understanding is to be with others where convenience  is out the door.

This is an introductory guide (letter, care package, entry?) to the leaders of Macedonia of our church wide community groups. [I know there are a number of followers who reside elsewhere if you have thoughts or experiences or just want to pray PLEASE reply and share or email us at holdtotruth@gmail.com and share your thoughts.]

I think the biggest issue walking into a group is anxiety. “How am I going to get this group to like each other?” “How do I break the ice?” “How am I going to teach this material?” and “I can’t figure out what to eat.”   All those tensions and frustrations can be difficult. I’ve found a few things that may be helpful:

  1. 1. I think our expectations create tension because our desired outcome is too limited not to lofty. The moment my desire is to create community that is beyond my capability I tend to fee the pressure subside because I don’t have the capability. It is when I’m trying to memorize the material, come up with pithy sayings, destroy silent moments, and have the right food that I am pressured. Pressure is relieved when God’s plan is carried out.
  2. 2. Remember that God’s community is important and relevant and He is  present in that community. There are two things which set my heart ablaze these days. One is when the church sings the doxology “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow.” Two is whenever people gather together in unity. It keeps me going. It is encouraging. Its better than peanut butter. The good things in life, that are life do not obliterate anxiety but anxiety does not win. You are a dispenser of God’s grace by helping others see the presence of Jesus among the group.

I pray God grants you all peace throughout this year and most importantly that you enjoy the journey. I pray as a group you all will arrive at a conclusion about what does it mean to follow Jesus and what is it do mean to live for one another?

More to come…


One thought on “Leading: Community of Life

  1. Thanks for pouring into us and caring for the body like you do. This is some good material and I have been blessed already through it and community groups haven’t even officially began. Way to go Sheff…way to go!!!

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