Open Letter to the Community Leader

Many MindsDear Group Leader,

Good day to you Community Leader. I hope this letter finds your day going well. You have been given so many names over the years including words like ‘group’, ‘cell’, ‘small’ and ‘misisonal.’ You’ve run through shapes of circles and squares and knots. You have maintained your focus when you been identified as ‘leader’ ‘facilitator’ and so on. You never forget your identity when the title changes.

We want to thank you for your tireless effort in creating acknowledging what kind of community is present and then helping to create a better one in your local church. From the outside looking in it appears to be a thankless job. It doesn’t get the fanfare of a classroom because and it is pushed behind the scenes. We like our classroom setting. It is cleaner and cut and dry. In most cases the destination is arrived at by the end of the lesson. Your community setting takes one lesson and extends it to every area of a persons life and then draws back together to be the chalkboard full of notes. Some lessons will take a life to really be taught, and understood.

This letter is to remind you your efforts are helpful and are a lesson for the church. You may have opposition but that is good and necessary. It teaches us that bearing one another burdens is the only way to get part just memorizing Philippians 2:4  Each of you should be concerned not only about your own interests, but about the interests of others as well.” When you call us together to eat, to read through some material together I could read on my own, to go out and share our story, or give water out, or sell lemonade for free to kids in the neighborhood you are teaching us just as loudly that there is something in those moments that is important.

We want to remind you that you are a blessing the church. And to keep on faithfully living with Christ before your group. You “sing I need you, you need me, we’re all a part of God’s body…” whenever you pull us together, or send us to the hospital together, make us eat food on a Friday night together, and pull our resources together to help Sister/Brother who had extenuating circumstances and needs help. These are lessons that bring Acts 2 and others to life then and today.

Your moment by moment acts will often go unseen. Your clever ice breaking, compassionate emails and calls, efforts to draw people out will often not be heard by many. But the best thing perhaps from all your work is that the group you’ve been called to will often be the ones who love you most. Them and whoever your pastor Community Groups is.

Whoever it may be keep standing and being a source of light in a dark world. Keep sending the message in your conduct and speech that there are no benches in the game of life once you are on the Lords team and that every gift and person matters. Your efforts teach and lead some to understand that our love for the Saints is synonymous with our love for God. And for those who strive towards that it gives them hope and something tangible to look at.

Keep doing your “Jesus Junkies” and “Fam” and “Gathering Network” names. Keep up with your ice breaking, prayer chain creating, question and answering. Keep on with your lesson preparing, leadership transferring and random praying. I’m here to remind you theopposite of what we all fear but push back to the back of our heads and try to avoid: You are not indespensible. Walk with your savior,  He’s making your feet beautiful; bearing good news for others. You are faithful and I am thankful and encouraged.


The Church

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