When The Days Seem Dark

During my engineering days there was a season where it appeared extremely hopeless for me. I had reached extent of my capabilities. I was not smart enough to do the job. But I had no where to go. And no one could really understand what I was feeling.

It is tough in those moments to get past the murkiness of the day. All the uncertainties and chaos. Usually for me mostly in my head. I do not remember most of my dreams but most dreams I do remember are not happy ones. Lonliness comes in different forms. At the core of it is notion that we’re on this journey by ourselves.

Someone left a page on my desk to this date I have no clue who it was. It was the only voice of encouragement I heard in that time. Just as quickly as they showed up they went away. Which is a discussion for another entry. The point was made clear though. When days seem dark and you feel like life is handing you nothing but trouble. Or really just handing you nothing. These are the moments where we have to turn back to the One who made everything. And really the moments where someone has to come along side us and remind us also what to consider:




One thought on “When The Days Seem Dark

  1. That is amazing that I am feeling this exact feeling. Wow – God is so good to me and I feel so unworthy.
    I AM TRAINING YOU IN STEADINESS. Too many things interrupt your awareness of Me. I know that you live in a world of sight and sound, but you must not be a slave to those stimuli. Awareness of Me can continue in all circumstances, no matter what happens. This is a steadiness I desire for you.
    Don’t let unexpected events throw you off course. Rather, respond calmly and confidently, remembering that I am with you. As soon as something grabs your attention, talk with Me about it. Thus I share your joys and your problems; I help you cope with whatever is before you. This is how I live in you and work through you. This is the way of Peace.
    PSALM 112:7; ISAIAH 41:10 (NKJV)
    Have a blessed and prosperous day.

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