Goodness of His Person on Friday

He saved others...

He saved others…

One of my favorite quotes about Jesus comes from a Scottish Preacher named James Stewart. More after the jump:

He was the meekest and lowliest of all the sons of men, yet he spoke of coming on the clouds of heaven with the glory of God. He was so austere that evil spirits and demons cried out in terror at his coming, yet he was so genial and winsome and approachable that the children loved to play with him, and the little ones nestled in his arms. His presence at the innocent gaiety of a village wedding was like the presence of sunshine.

No one was half so compassionate to sinners, yet no one ever spoke such red hot scorching words about sin. A bruised reed he would not break, his whole life was love, yet on one occasion he demanded of the Pharisees how they ever expected to escape the damnation of hell. He was a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions, yet for sheer stark realism He has all of our stark realists soundly beaten. He was a servant of all, washing the disciples feet, yet masterfully He strode into the temple, and the hucksters and moneychangers fell over one another to get away from the mad rush and the fire they saw blazing in His eyes.

He saved others, yet at the last Himself He did not save. There is nothing in history like the union of contrasts which confronts us in the gospels. The mystery of Jesus is the mystery of divine personality.

– James Stewart, The Strong Name

The goodness of His person today is that Jesus determined to suffer and die. There was no trying for Him. It would either be accomplished or it would be another day of executions. Nameless individuals going down in Roman history. He determined to die and it put a malefactor into acquittal at the last moment.

Today is a day of significance for us. For me it marks a residual reminder that I had a date on a cross not for my own sin but anyone else i’ve hurt. And God did not merely removed me He replaced me.

But just as significant for me and what really makes me overwhelmed is that some of the greatest relationships I have with other people are solely because of today. We do not just happen to know each other because of education or career choices or residence. The cross brought about real meaning. Chearleaders, an Ace, a boss, brotherhood, sisterhood and friends, a local body of believers I get the honor of being in their life because of something significant the Savior did 2000 or so years ago.

Its a Good Friday. And the mysteriousness of His divine personhood is worthy to be reflected on. If He can bring a malefactor gasping for breath to merely ask to not be forgotten. What are the infinite possibilities that He could do with you?

Dear God,

Grant us the grace of understanding the Goodness of this Friday. May my imperfections and heinous sin not supersede Your Son’s infinite capabilities. And then make our personhood mysterious for the good of others. Even me Lord. In He who knew no sin who became sin for our sake. Amen.

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