Today my words may be a bit convoluted because I’m not sure where I am on the subject. Today that is. I had the opportunity to speak at  mens prayer gathering last Saturday and we spent some time learning from Colossians 1:9-12. We observed how the author found great compassion and love for others who had great compassion and love for one another. He was filled with such concern and love after hearing about them that it provoked Him to prayer.

If I may digress for a moment I’ve found that some of the closest people in my life are those who pray for me umprompted and the ones closest are those I cannot seem to stop praying for. They do not have to be close in proximity it is just the mere though of simple things like the sun leads me to a liberal prayer life. I think this is the kind of think Paul models for us in verse 9-10.

Paul prays for a number of things that God has willed. That their disposition and lifestyle leads to conduct that the Spirit of God directs. In order to abound in wisdom, a worthy lifestyle of The Lord, a fruitful and abounding Gospel centered work, powered with power in order to be able to wait…and also joyously giving thanks to the Father.

The conclusion of which he draws is that the Colossians (that is the saints snatched from the domain of darkness to God’s kingdom) have be qualified for this allotment. They have been fashioned to be found acceptable. They have been deemed approved. They are alright. They are essentially not inadequate.

There are 3 basic components that send residual reminders that we do not add up and it appears that they take no vacations. Efficient workers they are:

  1. Outside Influence: There are too many to list so I’ll just saying anything that is not in you. The world is every sending a message “live up to this.” It comes in American dreams, systems, and programs. The message is sent by other people and their expectations. Sometimes our institutions send the message also.
  2. Inside Influence: The inside is just as active but louder because its closer to home. The adequacy debate begins the moment you wake up. In one form or another internal questions about living to some standard for the day will be concocted and our marching orders formulated based on the desired outcome.
  3. Truthful Influence: The last is not from inside or out but from the reality of the Truth. We really do not add up. When it comes to the standard from a perfect God the conclusion is I am not adequate. I am not qualified and there is nothing about me sufficient to make myself qualified.

I think the only way we arrive at the proper conclusion of gratitude is when Number 3 becomes our priority. Numbers one and two may or may not be accurate depending on any given circumstance. But no one can avert number three. When man is placed before a perfect separate God we have to bow. If He is sufficient and separate then we cannot stand on our own and be sufficient.

But here is where the turn gets brighter. When we can embrace our insufficiency and inadequacy then it avails to us the opportunity to watch the arms of God wrap around us and for Him to show us that through His son we are now qualified. God has refashioned us in such a manner our eternal determination is different. Instead of God’s nature destroying us through his wrath, we’ll spending eternity in his presence being embraced.

Before we were sufficient for destruction. Now we are sure of deliverance.

Before we were destined to be failures. Now we are destined for forgiveness.

Before it was try live up to false greatness, Now we are fashioned by future glorification.

Wherever you are in the journey if you have be transferred into the kingdom then you are adequate. You are qualified You are ok. You are free now to live for the One who made you adequate. Live like a person who is learning to accept that you are adequate and that adequacy is through the eyes of God. Remind others of the same thing.


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