I Really Wanted to be a Writer

I am certain it was my mother’s english teaching trickling over pass schools dismal and into our home. Or my brother and sisters excessive reading of novels in particular Stephen King. Or my father’s incredibly sporadic reading habits which randomly would include long history books. (I understand he was a history teacher before he took the role of suspending students.) Somewhere between the four of them I got the strange concept of wanting to be a writer. My mother made me journal and then I went to schools which required it and it became a habit. A good habit that I do not think I was very good at the art of it. Grammar and correct spelling ran a close second to last also.

Writing always felt like a way to work through life’s toughest questions. Writers never have a loss of incredible journeys or places to explore as long as they have typewriter and paper…. keyboard and printer…um touchscreen and word processing app. Journeys are merely a few nominatives and accusatives away.

You need journey. A destination hoped for. As of late i’ve contemplated two journeys and neither one of them has me feeling very confident. One is about rabbits. A biblical lesson about…well rabbits. The other is about a journey we all take. This one is more difficult because I can’t write the destination because I can’t see it. Conceptually I know what it should be but I do not know how to get there. I think some reading prompt or guide in some magazine I was reading said that sometimes it is best to write the story and let it take you somewhere. They said a mouthful without knowing it I think.

Life’s journey has guaranteed destinations. I think we see that there are uncontrollable variables but the destination is certain. What is unnerving is that some things happen in life that are so chaotic you feel like it will never be made right. And what is absolutely life shaking is some events happen that are so life-changing you cannot imagine how you ever lived before. Mountain climbers ascend to levels in the atmosphere where the sun has to be brighter and I am certain they would almost stay on the peak than to come down. Some events are so beautiful and amazing and life changing you hope it never ends. The kind of events and people that make for epic sagas in your life. Sometimes those events occur in the simplest of conversations or randomness of moments.

The journey we’re on is written by the greatest author. And that journey begins by faith, by trusting the Author. He is the author and perfect of real faith [Heb. 11:1-2.] We are not just arbitrary characters in some random story but living characters in the greatest story ever told. And similar to my writing prompts the best way to approach this journey is to let the Author unfold the journey. I say this with hesitation but its true that sometimes we have to let the author of the story unfold it and let it take us somewhere. We have to let the Author perfect our faith while He unfolds this perfect journey.

I wanted to be a writer. I’m going to have to sit down and begin this story. Maybe I should write the conclusion first. I suppose it would be something like…

“and when tomorrow came everything was still in place as it was the day before.”


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