Blocked Writing

It has been a few weeks since i’ve posted. And that is sad for a few reasons. I am supposed to be doing some guest writing for a friends site as he is planting a church. A few persons have noticed. I think a few persons have noticed but have not said anything. I’ve noticed and I was attempting to not notice.

I’ve drawn two conclusion to blocked writing.

1. Empty: dry barren moments in life where you just do not have anything. There is no content. I am not a writer in the professional sense but it would seem like this would be the most horrible place on earth to be…except maybe New Jersey. I kid. Really it is a joke.

2. Full: excessive amounts of events in life or in your mind or both so vivid and complex there is too much right at the point where the brain meets the fingertips to tight. When life has provided too much grace or too many good things words can’t get it. Where life has been given life. Or new shades of colors once known force you to become reacquainted. Or they are new colors altogether. When the common has to be met again and the two of you look at each other like new friends all over again. Peanut butter tastes different, better. The snow in the winter is whiter, softer.

3. BUSY This one is self explanatory.

I am somewhere in the middle on this. I’ve found myself lately hearing my mother playing hymns in my head and it leads me to lyrics I should have posted here instead of facebook. I think my writing style is rooted in a destination. I like the excitement of the unknown during the process. Where the story leads down variegated paths for its purposes sake. But I still like some concept of the conclusion. Some light shed on the epilogue.

So perhaps this blog entry is a question that you will provide feedback. When you have two many parts of life that are overwhelming (not bad just overwhelming) and you do not see any idea of how it is going to unfold what do you do?

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