Its Just Better This Way [Free-writing Attempt or Plea to Jump Start Something]

The journey of life is filled with all sorts of unexpected turns. And the journey brings about enlightenment and understanding as well as paradox and mystery. Some things get clearer as you continue along the path. Some things become mechanical but the reason (the telos perhaps) is one that is not always answered.


I have a writing project i’d love to do. I think it is valid and necessary. Something I’d like to write if no one would read it. But i think there are two fundamental issues with it. One I do not think I’m good enough to write it. Or maybe not yet. And two I do not think I can write it alone. (I really do not believe I am supposed to write it alone actually. Prefer to write it and give the credit to another author altogether.)Some themes are so intertwined in life its tough to make the distinction. To be able to know how to articulate it in way that makes cohesive sentences. Perhaps this is part of the chase. Making way on the right path without chasing after something.

This journey is incredibly frustrating. But there is a point where you realize to go back…or go somewhere else is not an option. Where you begin to say “I may be (fill in anything not good), but its just better to ( ) and be with Him than to be anywhere else.”


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