I recently got a few moments away from the grind. And between moments of a really horrid allergy attack I got a chance to catch up with a few people and have a brief conversation with myself. I was had not plan to but somewhere during a lesson on Psalm 103 I tripped into the presence of God and had to acknowledge it.

When you’re stretched it leaves you sore. But the result is a better yielding? A nature that leaves you more pliable; more useful clay in the Potter’s hands. I think the stretching is varies from person to person. For some it is under the pressure of physical oppression at the hands of an oppressor. For others it may be physical in rough course of sins affect on the human body. And others their minds are pushed. Some are built with great compassion and empathy and watch the hurt of others with a desire to fill the gap. I wonder if this is how the prophets saw life.

In the first few verses the Psalmist notes numerous reasons to praise God. Really He is talking to himself. Trying to jump start his heart and soul and everything within Him to focus on the giver of all perfect gifts. And as he progresses beyond the benefits he has received the following verses go on to what great benefits the Lord has given the body. There is nothing to say that he was in a place of stretching but I am. And those verses resonated.

When you are stretched. And your experience is too far away from your arms and your appendages are too far away from your mind and your soul and heart are too far away. You have been stretched. It need not be bad or dire events. It can be good things. It can be good and bad. A few uncertain moments hanging in the balance and you have to wait to see how it is going to unfold. Family has a strange way of doing that you in particular.

When you are stretched and  whether good or bad if you find yourself pulled so thin that it is difficult to find a way genuinely praise God. When you know you are blessed. And when you want to praise him but you’re so thin you cannot see how the pieces together. Praise Him for all He is doing for others. Somehow this thinness is for His glory…

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