Look Forward to right Now

Most days there are at least a few moments I spend in reflection to days past or to concepts of something I hope to see in the future. Most of those moments seem to highlights when I felt most free. Brief stints of separation from the concerns. Not some delusional concept of no problems or concerns just a brief moment where they matter but not too much. Or they matter but not forever.

In the beatitudes; these congratulatory blessings, Jesus the preacher par excellence paints a picture. He shows us a kingdom, a nation where its administration has reversed what we are used to see. In this place the people who admit they are not self-sufficient even in their thinking are on top. In juxtaposition to a society where you never let them see you sweat, in this kingdom people mourn and wale not to get something but they mourn over their disposition of disobedience and not only theirs but that they dwell among a people who are disobedient also. This upside-down kingdom is a people so poor and mourning that instead of lashing out toward others out of defense or blaming the one who presides of the kingdom they are gentle towards both. In this place the hearts of men are not settled with filling empty hearts and minds with what seems right to themselves; they give hearty approval to following after their president; the king who is always right is all they thirst for and will be the only way they find their cup filled and overflowing.

He paints the picture once using a few words. Then He unpacks what it looks like over and over again through three chapters (Matthew 5-7.)  And then He demonstrates it for the next 3 years of so. What an amazing picture for us to see. And if the reward of a nation incredible unity and focus is not enough, He goes further. He says they are blessed with rewards. These citizens get one blessing after another, grace upon grace, as they behold and follow the One who came from the Father.

But also what is. Its one thing to hope for a moment to come especially when you never conceived it possible for you. But when you look forward to something and realize that it is now that moment is a blessing. Jesus has painted a picture of a kingdom that is not only what will be, but that in many ways has already come.

If you are His,then you are poor, mourning, gentle, and hungry. And He will give rewards with respect to those characteristics at His time…both now and forever more.

In this world, we work toward stuff, and given enough effort we arrive and then we are blessed. In His kingdom He worked toward us through the cross and tells us we are already blessed.

2 thoughts on “Look Forward to right Now

  1. Delano, you are a young man with great gifts and depth! There is the old saying– “you’re a gentleman and a scholar.” Well, in real life, you are both! You are a gifted writer! What a great web site! And what great articles!!! Keep up this very spiritually profitable ministry.
    Your friend and fellow-servant in the Gospel,,
    Kenny Erisman

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