Futile says the Teacher

I have a friend who is a theologian and an existentialist to the core. I personally think it was too many theology books while being in Alabama. That’s another discussion. His arrival at the Solomonic conclusion about everything futile used to sound humorous to me. Used to.

I watch my kids in a kind of joy and empathy and concern and hope and regular stream of conversation with God that they will be able to keep something that so often begins to fade, or is taken, as you get older. And once its gone its tough to reclaim or rekindle. That thing is wonder.

There are too many things from too many angles to go into the reasons for a loss of wonder. But the conclusion of which is a sort of calculated motivation for living. The inherent possibilities are limited to facts and….well just facts. The results are determined before the end has arrived. And all of which leads to a sort of modern day Solomon type conclusion “what is the point”….because we don’t usually say “futility!”

*This is where I’d usually turn the corner. But I’m not certain I know what the corner is yet. Fear God and keep His commandments….certainly. But wonder? What happens when disnenfranchisement takes a peoples capacity to see beyond? When the dreaded foundational premise turns out to be true. What happens when a people or communties or whatever loses his sense of wonder?*

I suppose that when you know some things in this world are inevitable there is a way to maintain wonder. Hope is there. Objective hope is secure. But wonder? That treasuring and marveling like Mary after a conversation with an angel about a baby. Or a couple of disciples whose hearts burned after walking down a road with a man named Jesus. Wonder. Id like to believe its possible to regain wonder. But I am not sure…

…this is clearly unfinished. But this is as far as I have gotten.


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