My kids and I have been listening to this  message from Andy Crouch on creation and purpose and essentially all the stuff we negate Genesis 1-2 (and Revelation 20-21) which makes for a jaded Gospel story. We start with the fall. Genesis 1-2 at best is about marriage yet fail to see work as integral to what family is about. And before primordial humanity did anything Humanity (in the account his name is Adam which means “humanity”) created before he did anything else.

Crouch discusses how humanity was supposed to good explore the gift of creation and create from His creation (seems to make sense why you’d need lots of image bearers doing this. And before the fall I’d like to believe they would have see it as one corporate family.) Take what you find is good (i.e. the gold and other products discussed in Gen. 2) and stretch it out. Take the good and make it stay good. Cultivate it culture it. Don’t exploit it, hoard it.

He uses an example of music and something as so simple as notes creates chords when played together. Playing Bach’s in Prelude #1 C major he demonstrates how this architect of music examines all types of chords stretched out playing each note. Arpeggios of sorts moving from major to minor chords. He moves between major to tension to dissonance and back to tension and then to the major chords.

I had a discussion with my brother and he drew to my tension in all our discussion about music I tend to notice the minor chords and chords with dissonance. Vamps in music brings me to tears. The doxology paints a hope that only eternity can provide for me. All these chaotic notes make you question if you’re even on the right instrument. Especially when you have no one else in your section.

Music is trying to get back to major. Back to resolution. But it is just like music, some songs will end abruptly or be left with unresolved chords.


The gospel is so fond to me because I’m awaiting the day when this will be over. All of those diminished chords and dissonance will come to resolve because of Jesus’ blood. The vamp we’re in since at least the resurrection is converging on resulution. Every instrument and every note will play together fluidly without hesitation. Revolved.

The issue is HOW do you keep playing minor chords? How do you maintain the rhythm when you know the notes you play are unresolved…full of dissonance? How do you stretch what doesn’t seem good?


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