Program vs. Dignity

In a meeting this morning I was reminded and and encouraged by something. I think programs are great. And they are needed. But the issue is with a programs is we forget personhood in view of productivity.

When your program has removed the dignity of the existence of people you have ceased to be incarnate (and Jesus is incarnate. And we say we are to be Christlike.) 

When we are determined to see the outcome beyond the present moment, the program has become more important than the person we have been called to serve. And we were called to minister to all people. We minister to people, we do not serve the program.

There is nothing worse than being forgotten. Affirm dignity of those around you. Noticing people is difficult in a program because programs have to be done to allot time for clean up. We’ve got flyers to make and meetings to meet for the next big thing.

Nobody really wants to be left alone. No body wants to be forgotten either. Even Jesus says “do this (gather together noticing each other at a table underserved) in rembrance of Me” and then goes to a cross where He notices a man on a cross. That man speaks what is fundamental to every human. Nobody likes to be forgotten.

The program for Jesus on the cross was the “hang from the 6th to the 9th hour and die.” But He stopped the program to notice someone. But he did not just notice him. He remembered him. 

Remember people as much as you hope that God remembers you. So perhaps that is the thread that should run through every ministry program “seen and never forgotten.”

Because nobody wants to be unseen, and certainly no one likes to be forgotten. 

2 thoughts on “Program vs. Dignity

  1. Amen.

    I like that–“seen and never forgotten.” I pray God helps me grow in this area. It is encouraging when someone remembers you. And it’s encouraging when someone thanks you for remembering them. How greater the joy when this becomes a part of who we are and not have to “remember” to remember. Help us, Jesus. Help me.

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