Steps to the Mic. Are you…

A few fleeting thoughts in an attempt to jump start this never ending desire to write. I lost something. Either the voice or an ear. Either of which doesn’t do well without the other. For now I’ll say the ear loss has lessoned the voice. Just a few random thoughts though unformulated:

**Some things you’ll devote your life to you’ll never see the result. That is the definition of precursor.

**I am convinced that one of the fundamental things that Jesus did is raise the consciousness of God’s presence around us. Because we have the propensity to go back to sleep. When we sleep we neither notice Him nor those created in His image. I think He was killed because he was awakening who God is in ways that the authorities didn’t like. To recognize that kind of God means I can no longer not notice those in the fringes.

** I had a foundational premise by which I lived by. I think it was a protection mechanism. Sometimes your lot is your lot. A lot is not necessarily a bad thing if you have hope. Because hope doesn’t dissapoint…provided it is about expectation. I don’t like my lot. But it’s mine. One day there will be resolve, conclusion.

** In this study of common grace, I think the lesson of sports is not so much about adversity which is good. But more so how to win and still bestow dignity on the opponent. Win and not forget that you need an opponent to exist in order to compete. Or to lose and to see your relevance when perhaps no one else will choose to.

Best I have at the moment.




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