I Remember.

I had a discussion with my son about you the other day. I told him how much time I would spend with you when dad and mom would have to spend time in the classroom during the summer. How you’d never driven anywhere in your life yet I think I’d seen more…or noticed more of the city because of you. How you used to walk the streets collecting cans  in massive bags to save money to take me to a toy store to pick out whatever I wanted. How the German shepherd at the mechanic shop barked until you came by because he knew he was getting something from your plate. And how the workers there respected you because of it.

I’m not convinced you saw more than 4′-11″ yet you were so tall. You commanded a respect and admiration and I know that you never raised your voice, I do not think you had the vocal chords to do so. A sage, wisdom in every wrinkle. You talked with God without pause. Goodwill was the monarch of your house, when people entered the could sit and eat, sleep if needed and stay as long as necessary. I’d wanted to be some fringe of the same thing like you.

I remember you never sleeping in the house alone after Sam was gone. And the unnerving implications of getting on the phone at 10 or so and having to convince you that you cannot walk into storm to stay at Pearls house its just too far and to dangerous. You would have to sleep in the house alone and I was the only one you would listen to. You would hear me and that meant I mattered to you.

I told him about the time not much older I would ride to the other side of the city to the retirement home to see you. Just because it felt like the right thing to do. I remember your memory fading. And you asking me “how are you…and how is snowball” five or six times. I remember us saying ‘see you later,’ but both of us understanding you would have to go soon too. Moments are fleeting and un-graspable.  We get the lesson repeatedly in colorful ways that we are truly but a subtle mist in time.

One of the resurrection’s other significance is that when He got up, He gets the rest of His inheritance up. When He rose, He is bringing rising power to the rest of creation. I do not have any vain perceptions of having the same type of relationship with my Godmother. She will be my sister and I will her brother. Nor do I envision or desire some excessive priority in that relationship. But it is nice to know that the kindred friendship and care will finally be without pause. Jesus is truly the Reconciling One of all things.

It is exceedingly great to be His. To be reconciled and to be forgiven. But it is just as rewarding to know that He is reconciling all of it to Him. The way He puts things together better is best.

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