Blessed Waiting…

The Lord Be Praised
The Lord Be Praised
The Lord Be Praised
The Lord Be Praised

From the rising of the sun
to the going down of the same,
the name of the Lord shall be praised.

Anticipation of the 2nd Advent will bring about everything in it’s proper place and use. Settled.

But that day has not come. It is very easy to become displaced…anxious about all the unfinished things around us. There are constant reminders of displacement. Chaos tends to abound in the world and in our lives for that matter.

But there is this glimmer of a notion that has to be considered. Is bad as bad as bad can be? I mean if bad really stretched out could things be worse? I think bad stretches but there’s this grace, this gift of restraining sin in the world that keeps the world wrecking complete havoc.

It seems like every April or October since at least 1993 there has been some shock to the rhythms in my life that have hardwired axioms in me. I firmly believe they are true. I am also firmly convinced that they should not have to be.  What was dogmatic has softened a little though. Every April and October the seasons start to change. No matter whether days are good or the world falls apart the promises of Genesis 8 remain true. Sun and moon, mist, the dew in the morning…all of it will remain [except the Midwest but that’s another issue.]

We get little glimpses that should yield anticipation. I long for the day where all things are given the proper dignity that they deserve. A place and a timeless state where all there is, is without question. Nothing irrelevant. Nothing unneeded.  But until then, “from the rising of the sun till the going down of the same” there is a blessed waiting.

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