Wonder [Part 1]

I remember my honors English instructor made the statement. At the time her declarative statement held little relevance. I believe I was anticipating lunch. Campus high school lent to great lunch options all within walking distance. Its easy to get distracted from relevant topics when you have pizza, burgers, Mexican, and ice cream all for less than 3 bucks. If only lunch was an hour I would not have to spend class making sure my food decisions were best…

“we spend 90% of our time in our own heads.”

At the time I heard it piercing my Wendy’s decision. But I tabled it. I was proving its validity while simultaneously I was not dignifying it. We spend the vast majority of our time in our own heads. Well most of us. I found that while carrying old ladies groceries or checking, I was not ┬áthinking about eggs or bread but in my own head. At nationals while in practice…in my own head. Walking the streets of Jayhawk boulevard in the fall as the sun was setting…in my own head. When the kids play in the backyard…

Kids do this well. Its called wonder. They dream incredible dreams which break every law: gravity, physics, logic, clothing combinations, subject/verb agreements, etc. Anyone or anything can be superhuman at any given moment. Anything in their site raises its hand for a cameo role in their world. Every story continues with the simple conjunction ‘and.’ And no story has to end even when it needs to. And it only has to make sense to the story teller. And it is always content in its end..
even when the end has no resolve.

Somewhere as we get ‘older’ we get this maturity notion. It starts with little subtle things we call life. Taxes, Fica, aches that happen when you awake. The corner turns and we begin to make rules based on them. Every corner makes an absolute we tend to use as a guide. Some corners of unimaginable success or brisk moments of incredible grace that gives great hope. Other corners are swift cuts of despair, or self realization of being less than superhuman, or usually loss.

Wonder is the first to go. The naive curiosity shaped in innocence drifts.

Wonder wanders.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if there were no curiosity or innovation? No people or things asking or demonstrating broad meaning. No people who can look at and not simply through or around? I believe the instructor’s assumption was correct. But I don’t think we spend much of that time in our heads considering possibilities.

To date I think I have only found one means that will provide just the possibility of finding wonder again. I do not think it is easily definable and I do not think it can be grasped….

[To Be Continued]

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