I remember

There were brief moments of clarity I had when I as young and I believe the evolved from your greasy cheeseburgers. You used to fix me what I wanted the most sometimes. And other times you very pointed to feed me things I needed. When Dad or Mom had to spend time in the school over the summer preparing for the next year I would spend so much time from you getting the most profound lessons indirectly.

You taught me that prayer is really a conversation with a good friend who also happens to be the creator of the world. You taught me that conversation with good friends should not end. Its something I have rarely found existent but hope for.

I remember when I made a commitment to go play with Aaron a neighborhood kid the next day. And when that day came another friend came along and wanted to do something else. And you made me go play with Aaron. You told Aaron you would be there and you are his friend. So you will be there. I haven’t left that lesson and have tried to keep it.

You used to pick up ever can, and saved bags of them and then we would get sticks and smash them all. I was amazed at how much power you had at 4′-10″ and close to 80 years old. And we would carry all those cans to the grocery store where the manager would come out and great you like you were royalty in spite of a fixed income. And you would save all that money until it was enough…not to buy groceries…but to take me to the downtown toy store. I still remember the space shuttle I got.

Its been well over 30 years. But there are so many fond memories. But I miss you. I suppose this another beam of light in hope. That some day because everything is reconciled I shall be scooped up into his new heaven and earth and will see you again. What a reason to keep pushing forward.

Of all the things that you did I think more and more about the point you made and more over lived: do not give up on people. Don’t do it. They may for you. But you don’t. You believe in them. You be what I told your mother you were. Her mainstay.

Thank God for you. A life well lived. And I’m trying to be the same thing.

2 thoughts on “I remember

  1. You too? A grandmother bigger than life, but compressed into a small earthly package? When I think “Christian” her face is the first that comes to mind. Thank God for them; I can’t wait to see her again. You were blessed to be hers!

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