I love you More

I get a few moments of silence while the children are at nap time to think about how Good this Friday is. Let me give a shot out to whoever the Butler Mfg. Co. and mother BlueScope Steel head office folks who continue to recognize Good Friday as a day to be off. In the sixteen years I’ve been there we have always had good Friday off and that is pretty amazing.

I digress…

Today is a good day. And each moment I get a little closer to the Gospel it becomes a little more clear just what it means. As a child I recall saying “I love you mommy” to my mother. Her response was almost always “I love you more.” Whatever I tried to trump her with, she would follow with either that statement or “I loved you first.” Whatever effort I offered was secondary to the thought (or perhaps the hope) that she would always love me more…or at least, first.  The one who initiates the love wins right? Well actually I suppose they both win but the context of that love is determined by the initiator.

When Jesus did not consider His equality with the Father a plundered thing and stepped out of the comfort of eternity to die…it is not just a quality of salvation or deliverance that was provided. He also provided an eternal conversation; a question if you will. It is odd to me how much in our human nature we will abstain from the main conversations when they are too complicated. We will beat all around the topic without ever getting to the point. Passive (aggressive even.) When Jesus stepped on the cross He pushed the conversation; developed the question. When you gaze in to the Gospel you see the blaring question posed to everyone: ‘Who loves you?’ When you gaze long enough to the who Gospel the question goes further to ‘Who loves you more? Who loved you first?’ Centuries of philosophies, religions, skeptics, atheists, and Christians have been dissecting the possibility, the notion, the historicity, and so on about this weeks events in Jesus’ life on earth. But the question ignored is what does this say about God’s love.

He is a jealous God, who is clearly one who does not tolerate sin. Noted by some as overly dogmatic, mean to the ‘-ites’ of the Old Testament, convoluted, etc.. But what do you do when that ‘mean’ and ‘intolerant’ God gets on a cross and allows man to crucify Him? You have to have another question. And an answer to the question ‘who is going to love you more than that?’

For the believer today is day 363 of the reflecting and reconsidering the implications of the love demonstrated through the cross.

One thought on “I love you More

  1. Only our Lord Jesus! I am delighted to be a Child of the King! I am immersed in His Grace, Mercy and ever-lasting I love you first and I love you more. I am thrilled that He teachers me each moment to love more than the moments before. Thanks for sharing in the Truth!

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